Gypsy and traveller accommodation

Lancaster Gypsy and Traveller, and Travelling Showpeople Call For Sites

Lancaster City Council is in the process of preparing a Gypsy and Traveller, and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) that will identify land to accommodate Gypsy and Travellers, and Travelling Showpeople in the District.

The DPD will identify a supply of deliverable sites sufficient to provide five years’ worth of pitches / plots against the level of need identified in the 2017 Gypsy and Traveller, and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment (GTAA). The DPD will also identify a supply of deliverable or developable sites up to 2031.

As part of this process, we are undertaking a ‘call for sites’ process which provides an opportunity for individuals and organisations to suggest any sites that they consider might be suitable for allocation as a Gypsy and Traveller or Travelling Showperson site. Proposals could be for either new sites or an expansion or intensification of an existing site. Proposals are invited for permanent residential sites or transit sites / temporary stopping places.

All sites submitted will undergo a rigorous assessment against specific criteria to assess their potential suitability. Submitting a site for consideration does not guarantee that it will be found suitable or that it will be allocated as part of the emerging DPD. Any sites that are included within the DPD would still be required to follow the normal planning procedures in securing planning permission.