Electric vehicle charging points

Lancaster City Council is committed to helping people to convert to zero emission vehicles, reducing transport related emissions and promoting more sustainable forms of transport. We have also committed to reducing air pollution and the council’s impact on climate change.

This includes increasing the efficiency of buildings, replacing our vehicle fleet with electric and/or hydrogen powered vehicles and switching to 100% fossil-fuel-free energy. A key element to achieving these aims is creating new infrastructure to make it easier for people to use electric vehicles. With no tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles make a significant contribution to improving air quality.

On this page you will find a list of charging points that have been installed by the council in Lancaster and Morecambe.

The council is providing free electricity, but you will need to pay any parking charges that are applicable. A connection fee to the network provider, Polar, is also required and you can sign-up and find out more information on their website at Polar-network.com.

If the charge-points become faulty or are damaged you should report this directly to Polar by telephoning 0330 016 5126 or emailing info@polarnetwork.com. In an emergency telephone the city council on 01524 67099.

EV charge point locations

Location Car park Type of connection
Lancaster Upper St Leonardsgate car park, LA1 1QH Fast 22kWh
Lancaster Charter House car park, LA1 1PU Fast 22kWh
Lancaster Auction Mart car park, LA1 1XU Fast 22kWh
Morecambe West View car park,  LA4 4AS Fast 22kWh
Morecambe Library car park, LA4 5DW Fast 22kWh
Lancashire Lancashire County Council charge points F7 and Rapid 50kWh (15p per kWh)
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EV charging points - Lancaster

EV charging points - Morecambe

Last updated: 05 February 2020