LITFEST Of Gods and Monsters: Pandvani108

LITFEST : Post Festival Cool Down Of Gods and Monsters: Pandvani108 Tuesday 24 April at 7pm

LITFEST - Debs Newbold `Lost in Blue`

Start Date: 19 February 2018

Litfest 2018`s first event - Monday 19 February at 7pm in the Storey auditorium.

Debs Newbold, highly celebrated performer and Shakespeare’s Globe storyteller, delivers a touching, funny, cinematic and surreal one-woman show enhanced by live music technology.

Through the prism of Vincent van Gogh’s recognisable late work, Bedroom in Arles, she explores the phenomenon of living life in a coma and the healing power of art. The piece is directed by internationally renowned teacher and director John Wright, also known as a founding member of acclaimed theatre companies Trestle and Told by an Idiot.
When she was three years old, Annie's life was skewed off-course. On her 18th birthday, it threatens to happen again. What is it like to be in a coma? To love someone in a coma? What would van Gogh say about it if you hung out with him in his room at Arles? And what does a pigeon called Muhammad Ali eat for breakfast?

Tickets £12/10   from Lancaster and Morecambe Visitor Information Centres

Tel: 01524 582394 and 582808

Book online here:

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