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Science & Technology Lecture

Start Date: 12 December 2017

Science and Technology at Lancaster University present their annual Science & Technology themed lecture series this November & December at The Storey.

Tuesday 12th December
The Auditorium -
The Storey

Did you know that there still needs to be a debate about reducing flood risk?

Professor Keith Beven

Floods are (probably) going to get more frequent in future. Because of the large impacts on people and infrastructure this means that we need to make decisions about reducing flood risk. Recently “natural flood management” or “working with natural processes” has become very popular. The aim is to retain water on the catchment and “slow the flow” to mitigate the effects of flooding downstream. The talk will outline some of the measures being used in both rural and urban areas, and some of the benefits and possible disbenefits of such measures. It will be suggested that the cost-effectiveness of the measures in relation to their hydrological impacts has not been properly thought through and that there still needs to be a debate about reducing flood risk.

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