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LITFEST : Post Festival Cool Down Of Gods and Monsters: Pandvani108 Tuesday 24 April at 7pm

'The Two Minds of Socrates'

Start Date: 03 November 2017

End Date: 04 November 2017

VETO presents 'The Two Minds of Socrates'

'The night before his trial, Socrates is given a cell with a rickety chair. After some coaxing from his consciousness, he decides to compose his defence. In doing so, he traces his life, his ideas and his failures in an attempt to figure out what ‘he’ actually is.

The Two Minds of Socrates is a play by Walker Zupp, produced by VETO Productions. Based on Plato’s Apology, it explores key philosophical debates. A comedy wrapped in a tragedy, wrapped in life, liberty and the pursuit of total madness, it’s definitely worth a watch.'

The Storey - Auditorium
Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th November

Tickets - £9 Standard
Email the Box Office for tickets -

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